Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thanks to everyone!

We had a great day at Independents' Day! Thanks a million to everyone who was involved and came down to support it!
All the stalls put in loads of work preparing their wares and they all looked class! There was a real community feel with the stalls supporting each other through trades and purchases.
The musicians Sea Dog, Lynched, Niamh de Barra, Loman O'Neill and Punky Reggae Party were all deadly! Emily from the Rag too with her readings!
Elida with Simon and Leo, did an amazing job with the Stop Motion Animation workshop and we hope to post the film up here soon or a link to it. Elida also co-ordinated the screenings and helped set up with the cinema room.
DCTV for all their work with the screenings and presentation as well as Mirin from LASC for her intro to the Betty Carino clip!
The exhibition looked amazing most of the credit goes to Julia for co-ordinating but also to loads of other people for helping with the hanging and organising (Áine, Winty, Chris, Esther), that is not to mention all the amazing artists whose work was on show.
Hazel did a excellent job co-ordinating the floor plan and tables with help from Jenny, Aoife and Moyler.
Thanks to Joe from the co-op who helped us out with setting up the cinema room and the hall in general. Also to Tim for a helping hand! Much appreciated!
Aoife and Ed co-ordinated the music performances and setting up the gear fair play to yee! Thanks to Andy for doing sound.
Loads of other people helped out in various ways with moving things, promoting, organising, co-ordinating. Respect is due!
We hope to post up photos soon in the next few days so check back here and if you took any please send them to us so we can post them up here or link them.
until next time!
Independents' Day

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