Sunday, June 23, 2013


I would like to thank everyone for coming out on Sunday for Indie Day. Without all of the people involved in the D.I.Y community in Dublin, this event could not happen and would not be the special event that it is every year.

Thanks to all the bands who rocked out on stage and Deco for the P.A.

Thanks to all the artists who took part in the exhibition.

Thanks to all who submitted films for the screening and held book readings.

AANNND to the stall holders, thank you for coming out and selling/swapping/giving away your wares! (and the food...  nom nom nom!)

To all involved THANKS for making it possible and to everyone who produced something to show on the day, you are all courageous and excellent people for putting your work out for others, I know this is not easy to do.
And to all who came to take in the work of others, without your support and interest it would be so much harder to produce work and show it!

-In short, thanks to everyone!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


If any one is wondering how accessible the food co-op as a venue is, there are ramps for access to the main hall and into the exhibition space within the co-op. If you have any access or any facility related issues, please let the person at the front desk know and they will try their best to assist any requests made!

Also, we want Independents Day to be a positive space for creative development, invention and constructive thinking to happen! If this has not been the case for you during the day, let one of the front desk people attempt to help you to fix this! We are here to support and encourage one another, let's have fun!

Documentary for screening: Ovarian Psycos

I can't directly link the trailer, but click here to watch the trailer!

Harry Browne Reading.

For those of you who don't know Harry Browne, these following images should enable you to make an educated guess...

If you didn't get it, then this article will shed light on the book reading at tomorrow's Independents Day.

I don't know about you, but i'm excited!

Bands Confirmed for tomorrow!

SO, confirmed bands are... (drum roll please)...

Emer Brady (of band Fern Floor)

Click here for 'Head of gas, Heart of oil'

Bill Blood

Click here to listen to 'Come softly to my wake'

Ancient Earth

(sorry couldn't find a link)


Click her for some Veroa tunes!

ANNND Dj Tommy Rash!

I am expecting inner terrestrials at this event Tommo, you gotta have one track lying around!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Weather for Sunday.

vvv Click the link vvv

Ye's literally have no excuse, the weather will be warmish, partly cloudy with a small chance of drizzle. That means, you have got to leave your houses and cycle, walk, levitate or whatever it takes down to the co-op and check out the fair.




I don't know about you, but this looks pretty cool AND kid friendly!
A science activity book with fun facts and loverly graphics. 
Come down this Sunday and check out A4Sounds stall.
To see what else they might be selling, check out there shop here

Eric Davies

You may have already seen this Independents Day participant at last year's fair, either in the art exhibit or working on his stall. Eric creates work which usually contain elements of animals, whether the living body or the skeletal remains. Themes of nature, decay and urban surrounds enter into his drawing and sculpture. Apocalyptic imagery creeps in at points, like this gasmask skull for example;

He is also behind This Frantic Silence, a zine which deals with 'issues of depression, anxiety, suicide and mental health. This D.I.Y. zine focuses on helping people within the punk/D.I.Y scene to share their experiences of mental health issues and how they work through them.

Check out his blog here and for more info on This Frantic Silence click here.

Le Cool write up

AH would ye loook, we got a loverly write up on le cool. Uh, does this mean we're cool now?



Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Band Poster!

Created by the loverly Paddy Murphster... visit him at his Iamdestroyer Comics stall, this Sunday!

Update on Retro Cycle Stock!

I watched this woman lovingly hack away at some tyres, bolting parts together, throwing a buckle and some eyelets in to produce...


Thee tyre belt! These will be on sale at the Retro Cycle stall, so have your notes ready if you are looking for something interesting to hold up your trousers/skirts/shorts/belt bag... speaking of belt bags... I heard a rumour that she might have a couple of those too!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Eoin Fullam

Eoin's collage work invokes the Kafkian nightmare of faceless theocratic authority while spectres of colossi loom on the horizon with the residual hauntology of institutional fear and control. Monoliths and machinery recur, the fountainhead and product of knowledge, the knowledge and anxiety of a new dark age overseen by covert inquisitors and machines of loving grace. Eoin's work offers a criticism of meaning found in arbitrary semiotics, the consciousness of the post-bicameral mind and the ascendant logic of western civilisation.

To see more of Eoin's work click HERE

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Any Films for Screening?

I'm calling out to all you talented movie makers, whether film or animation, we would like to hear from people who are interested in showing their stuff at this years Independents Day!

To contact email:
Hope to hear from you soon!


Veroa are a confirmed act at this years Independents Day. Check out their song Check my Machine. Their music is dramatic soaring music, emotive but with real energy. The vocals thrust the music along with the ebb and flow of the singers voice in tone and emotion. The drums and the bass act as vital supports for the vocals dictating the pace and atmosphere of the song.

The sounds (to my ears) of the revolt after heartbreak.
You check it out and see what you think.

Check out their bandcamp for more songs and to buy their album.

Suzy City.

Suzy City is the collaboration between UncleMadness and Push and Pull Prints. Leigh from UncleMadness illustrates the designs and Annick from Push and Pull Prints... well... prints them! Their character Suzy is a cheeky mistress, who can be seen picking her nose, legging it from the scene of the crime and looking pretty non-fussed at burning down the youth club.

Suzy City has t-shirts, posters and cards emblazoned with Suzy (probably up to no good!). 

'Suzycity is a labour of love. We have new designs in the works and look forward to releasing our first minicomic soon!'. (A little blurb from one of the co-creators).

Check their designs here and if you can't make it to Independents Day [SAY IT AIN'T SO!] but like what you see on their blog, their designs are available online and in Beaux Bows in Georges Arcade.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I-AM-DESTROYER... comics

This years Independents Day will be host to Patrick Murphy, the writer of It's Horrible Havin a Head and the person behind Iamdestroyer comics.

Issue 1 and 2 of It's Horrible Havin a Head have been previously released, the latter quite recently, and the third will be out specially for Independents Day!

It's Horrible Havin a Head, (We'll refer to it as IHHH) humorously documents the writer's experience of life's growing pains and learning curves from beginning to before he hit the college years. His distinctive drawing style is what I would describe as "ugly punk", with people's features elongated and much more expressive than their normal boring faces! The structure of the comic is chronologically ordered but choppy, which suits the autobiographical nature of his story.

I had the opportunity of acquiring IHHH 2 and each page I read, I giggled, snorted and lol'ed as one would say. He has a self deprecating humour which is very endearing and his version (I cannot confirm that his memory is completely accurate!) of events makes me happily nostalgic for parts of my teenage years and very glad that i'm past them!

Who knows what his college years will have to tell in IHHH 3!

(Sorry for shouting!)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blackshapes Comics

Last year, Phillip Barrett of Blackshapes had a major hit in the shape of 'Where's Larry?', a sort of Irish version of 'Where's Wally?' which takes in all the well known landmarks of Ireland. This being said, if you only mentioned 'Where's Larry?', it would ignore about 90% of his creative production of other comics and illustration work.

His other works include Blackshapes, My First Festival, Matter and Lint. 

While researching his work to find some sort of coherent explanation of this man's work, I came across a very positive review on the Irish Comic News website. His works are a collection of short stories where your'e invited to take part in Barrett's world with stories about irish culchies confusing leprechauns and lepers, the buffer's (mucksavage/culchie) hardships facing unemployment and a man's addiction to a mysterious record. Check the last story here.

Pilar Diaz Suarez: Re-tro Cycle

If you are a fan of the hand-mades, then Independents Day will suit. Not only is there music, art, zines and food, but we also host talented crafters like Pilar Suarez from Re-tro Cycles and formerly of MissLaciness Crafts. She has a range of bags, badges, neck jewellery, belts, bracelets, hair adornments, keyrings, cards, rings etc.etc.ETC!

If you want to check out her range, she has photos here to peek at.

I have been testing out her bike bag made of inner tubes. A handy way to use up your punctured bike tubes!

There is no end to this woman's imagination!

Monday, June 3, 2013

LeePitman of Tinderbox Network

Tinderbox Network is a collective of artists which produces work for exhibition, usually under a loose theme to which the artists adhere. There is a focus put on independently funding their shows, in order to reserve their creative automony. Their mediums include (but are not exclusive to) painting, print and photography.

Tinderbox Collective, Storytelling, 2009

Check out their website for more information and to read about their most recent project Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow. It's a collaborative project with Monsters of Tomorrow Press and looks like an exciting visual piece.

'The project's theme started with the documentary Into Eternity, which led us to Onkalo, Finland. Home to a nuclear repository that must remain sealed and hidden for 100,000 years.'

Plucked from the tinderbox
Lee Pitman will be showing his items alongside the rest of his Tinderbox buddies at this year's fair. His main areas of interest are graphics, illustrations and film of both the motion and still kind. His style varies from delicate and painterly illustrations to more strikingly visual and rigidly defined graphic work. Check out his website for examples of his graphics, t-shirt designs and illustration.

My favourites are his t-shirt design Golden Fleece and his poster design for the documentary Grizzly Man. Check them out!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lyndsey Putt

Come down to Newmarket Square on the 23rd of June and see photographic work by Lyndsey Putt.

Much of Lyndsey's work is autobiographical in nature with portraiture of the people within her own environment, and a sense of journeying through the personal seems to ripple through her work.

'Bodies of Resistance' (2012) was a work which dealt with the physicality of punk women's resistance to being put to the back of the room, literally and metaphorically speaking, within their music scene.

Lyndsey Putt, Bodies of Resistance, 2012

To see more photographic work by Lyndsey, visit her website.
To read more about Lyndsey, check out this interview by Alex Sinclair.

Katie O'Blogger!

Katie O'Neill will have a zine stall at our fair on the 23rd. Katies' works are linear graphic drawings, using patterns, lines and block colouring and b&w photographs to convey her stark gothic style.

Her themes range from the personal to the political and she has collaborated with other independent artists and writers to produce works. These collaborations have produced such things as a photographic and illustrative journey of the doors around dublin and illustrating the writing of women's experience of gender, race and class.

To have a little spy for yourself, check out Katie's blog here.

Untitled, Katie O'Neill, 2013

Niall Byrne talks about Bill Bloods new album 'Come Softly To My Wake'

Nialler9's review has a short assessment of Bill Blood's newest album and provides links to album tracks to have a listen.

We are happy to say that Bill Blood will be playing this year at Independents Day 2013, along with some other musical delights in the line up. More links to the other bands soon!