Monday, June 3, 2013

LeePitman of Tinderbox Network

Tinderbox Network is a collective of artists which produces work for exhibition, usually under a loose theme to which the artists adhere. There is a focus put on independently funding their shows, in order to reserve their creative automony. Their mediums include (but are not exclusive to) painting, print and photography.

Tinderbox Collective, Storytelling, 2009

Check out their website for more information and to read about their most recent project Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow. It's a collaborative project with Monsters of Tomorrow Press and looks like an exciting visual piece.

'The project's theme started with the documentary Into Eternity, which led us to Onkalo, Finland. Home to a nuclear repository that must remain sealed and hidden for 100,000 years.'

Plucked from the tinderbox
Lee Pitman will be showing his items alongside the rest of his Tinderbox buddies at this year's fair. His main areas of interest are graphics, illustrations and film of both the motion and still kind. His style varies from delicate and painterly illustrations to more strikingly visual and rigidly defined graphic work. Check out his website for examples of his graphics, t-shirt designs and illustration.

My favourites are his t-shirt design Golden Fleece and his poster design for the documentary Grizzly Man. Check them out!

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