Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I-AM-DESTROYER... comics

This years Independents Day will be host to Patrick Murphy, the writer of It's Horrible Havin a Head and the person behind Iamdestroyer comics.

Issue 1 and 2 of It's Horrible Havin a Head have been previously released, the latter quite recently, and the third will be out specially for Independents Day!

It's Horrible Havin a Head, (We'll refer to it as IHHH) humorously documents the writer's experience of life's growing pains and learning curves from beginning to before he hit the college years. His distinctive drawing style is what I would describe as "ugly punk", with people's features elongated and much more expressive than their normal boring faces! The structure of the comic is chronologically ordered but choppy, which suits the autobiographical nature of his story.

I had the opportunity of acquiring IHHH 2 and each page I read, I giggled, snorted and lol'ed as one would say. He has a self deprecating humour which is very endearing and his version (I cannot confirm that his memory is completely accurate!) of events makes me happily nostalgic for parts of my teenage years and very glad that i'm past them!

Who knows what his college years will have to tell in IHHH 3!

(Sorry for shouting!)

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