Sunday, June 23, 2013


I would like to thank everyone for coming out on Sunday for Indie Day. Without all of the people involved in the D.I.Y community in Dublin, this event could not happen and would not be the special event that it is every year.

Thanks to all the bands who rocked out on stage and Deco for the P.A.

Thanks to all the artists who took part in the exhibition.

Thanks to all who submitted films for the screening and held book readings.

AANNND to the stall holders, thank you for coming out and selling/swapping/giving away your wares! (and the food...  nom nom nom!)

To all involved THANKS for making it possible and to everyone who produced something to show on the day, you are all courageous and excellent people for putting your work out for others, I know this is not easy to do.
And to all who came to take in the work of others, without your support and interest it would be so much harder to produce work and show it!

-In short, thanks to everyone!