Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blackshapes Comics

Last year, Phillip Barrett of Blackshapes had a major hit in the shape of 'Where's Larry?', a sort of Irish version of 'Where's Wally?' which takes in all the well known landmarks of Ireland. This being said, if you only mentioned 'Where's Larry?', it would ignore about 90% of his creative production of other comics and illustration work.

His other works include Blackshapes, My First Festival, Matter and Lint. 

While researching his work to find some sort of coherent explanation of this man's work, I came across a very positive review on the Irish Comic News website. His works are a collection of short stories where your'e invited to take part in Barrett's world with stories about irish culchies confusing leprechauns and lepers, the buffer's (mucksavage/culchie) hardships facing unemployment and a man's addiction to a mysterious record. Check the last story here.

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  1. Where's Larry is ace. check out this picture of young Seán reading it. He loves it!