Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Suzy City.

Suzy City is the collaboration between UncleMadness and Push and Pull Prints. Leigh from UncleMadness illustrates the designs and Annick from Push and Pull Prints... well... prints them! Their character Suzy is a cheeky mistress, who can be seen picking her nose, legging it from the scene of the crime and looking pretty non-fussed at burning down the youth club.

Suzy City has t-shirts, posters and cards emblazoned with Suzy (probably up to no good!). 

'Suzycity is a labour of love. We have new designs in the works and look forward to releasing our first minicomic soon!'. (A little blurb from one of the co-creators).

Check their designs here and if you can't make it to Independents Day [SAY IT AIN'T SO!] but like what you see on their blog, their designs are available online and in Beaux Bows in Georges Arcade.

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