Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Artist Spotlight 2015: Acts playing throughout the day - Zoe and Danae, Anna Mieke and Brían, Xhepa, Seth Elton, Dowth and Cal Folger Day

 Before the bands at the Independents Day Afterparty blow the roof off Tenterhooks, there will be another load of acts playing throughout the day that are definitely worth checking out.

First up we have Jona Xhepa, an artist who works across a host of different mediums. Aside from having a stall selling zines at Independents day, Jona will also be playing folk guitar and sing ballad/jazzy tunes at the event. She also runs a comedy improv/storytelling night called Chronic Jazz. Jona was a great help on the Sunday of the Dublin Zine Fair last year, so looking forward to hearing her tunes (and reading her zines)

Seth Elton just released an EP in December called 13 O'Clock. Seth's influences range from Jazz to Hip Hop to Rock to Blues and back again. It reminds me a bit of Bon Iver or Tim Buckley. I think the Co-op on a lazy Sunday afternoon will be a great place to hear Seth, should be great.

Dowth released their debut song 'Wickerman' last October and it is savage. The band features Tim Ording (Melodica Deathship) on Melodica and Beat Production and John Kelleher (Rats Blood, Burnchurch) on Fiddle. Their video features a sample of visuals from their live set,  it looks incredible. This will be dark, brooding and not to be missed.

Finally we have a jazz chanteuse/chapbook maker/orchestra maestro/former league of Ireland football player (ok so I made that last one up) the brilliant Cal Folger Day. Cal will be singing, playing guitar and selling chapbooks on the day and if her EP's  Adornament (2015) and
Drom-d’reau (2013) are anything to go by, it should be a great show!


There's a few more bands playing throughout the day on Sunday that I would like to give a mention to.
Zoe and Danae will be playing a slot around 1.45. Haven't heard what they sound like, i'm sure they are class though.

And finlly Anna Mieke and Brían. Havent heard the two of them together,  but Brían and his brother Diarmuid play in the band Ye Vagabonds. They play regularly in and around Stoneybatter, in  Walshe’s in Dublin. They sound a bit like Planxty, so looking forward to hearing he and Anna play!

For the set times, check out yet ANOTHER savage poster by Leigh Arthur. This will be some day!

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