Monday, March 9, 2015

Artist Spotlight 2015: Mice Hell

The indpendent publishing "scene" (for want of a better word) in Ireland is made up of all sorts. 

Punks who can't wait to tell you how much better Crass are than Conflict.
Introverts, cutting and pasting together zines in their rooms, oblivious to the laws of space and time.

Then there are artists who like to cycle around Dublin throwing rolled up art pieces at unsuspecting passers by.

Mice Hell is a member of the latter. 
Mice Hell (Michelle) is a multidisciplinary artist who works across many different forms, including in print, drawing, video and performance. She describes herself as making "zines & postcards about folklore & bins & the like". This goes someway to describing her work, but i'd have to add that everything she makes seems to be interesting. 

Whenever I see her stuff I always think "ahh, I wish I'd thought of doing that".
For example, make a zine about skips in Dublin - Wish I'd thought of that.
Sell postcards with Jean Byrne giving an old Irish curse on them - Wish I'd thought of that.
Make some of the nicest home brew you will ever have - Wish I could do that!

She gets inspiration from things like Pussy Riot, the Castletown Donkey Derby and St Brigid.
Last time I met her she was going off to make a crumhorn. Who the fuck makes a crumhorn?? What even is a crumhorn??

Mice Hell, that's who!

A stalwart of the independent scene, an amazing artist and a dead sound person, I really can't recommend her stuff enough. 

The Mice. The Myth. The legend!

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