Sunday, March 8, 2015

Artist Spotlight 2015: The Runt

The Runt Zine

How do you even start to describe the Runt?

 I guess you could start by saying its an arts and creative writing, collaborative zine. That it's run by a rag-tag bunch of misfits and renegades.

If the Runt was a football team, it would be Wimbledon in the early 90's.

Some of the people who contribute to it include:
Richard "War on Slugs" Howard

Boris Belony, (aka Stephen Hughes),  long-term contributor to the Irish independent publishing scene, whose own zine 'Boris Belony' is an out-and-out classic!

And then there's Colm Kearns. The boho, space cowboy of Dún Laoghaire.  The price of admission to Independents Day is worth it alone just to chat to Colm. Just watch this for a performance!

They've published 6 issues of original fiction, poetry and art based around the central theme of each issue. Their last issue was based around outer space, while the next one will focus on dreams and nightmares.

The Runt is class, so pick up all 6 copies at Independents Day.

Check them out on
and YouTube:

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