Thursday, March 19, 2015

Artist Spotlight 2015 - Workshop on radical feminism & DIY culture by clementina veganfeminist

Aside from Sunday being an event supporting the independent publishing, film and music scenes, we will also have have workshops on during the day.
Once such workshop I can't wait for is by clementina veganfeminist (lower case on request).

clementina describes herself as an "autistic vegan straight edge feminist & anarchist, who spends her time making zines (mainly about issues such as eating disorders, intimate partner violence ,& my thoughts & dreams for intersectional liberation)". She will be facilitating a workshop on radical feminism and DIY culture, exploring issues through the medium of zines. 

The workshop will be an actual, practical skill  share in making zines! So people will make physical zines at the workshop (yes!). Zines will be made as an exploration of riot grrrl values and their relevance for feminism today, and as an examination of the revolutionary possibilities of DIY culture.

Though I haven't been to clementina's work shop before, she did help us out for a day in the Forgotten Zine Archive last year, and you wont find a more passionate person about zines. The workshop should be great.

It will run from 1:30-2:30 on Sunday, and will be amazing.  Get down early for this, it will be brilliant.

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