Saturday, March 14, 2015

Artist Spotlight 2015 : Splitting Borders

Gareth Gowran and Sadhbh Lawlor are two über talented zinesters. The duo produce Splitting Borders, a web zine which is also a physical comic. Their work is exceptionally good. They produce beautiful, handmade DIY comics, prints and textile pieces, with a subtle dark humor.

Created in 2013, Gareth and Sadhbh describe Splitting Borders mantra as "Live it (awkwardly). Muse over it. Write about it. Draw it. Post it on your web-comic. Print your web-comic. Bring it to the fair".  Hopefully the 'live it awkwardly' part is just fiction for my currrent favourite of  theirs 'The perpetrating husband and his melancholic wife".

Gareth has done character design work for publishing companies, along with illustrating for Atomic Diner and BeActive Media. Sadhbh is a self confessed art "machine fueled by fine art and craft techniques" and has been making commissioned work for the last ten years.


I love their alphabet zine I got at last years Dublin Zine Fair. It came with a beautiful envelope of the image from the front cover of a man swimming through words, and is elegant and lovely and good for your vocabulary. 'C is for Cryptozoology' gets me every time!

If you haven't seen their blog yet, check it out. It's brilliant, and regularly updated. They seem to be consistently prolifically good. Drop down to Independents day in the Co-op on March 22nd and see for yourself!

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