Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Artist Spotlight 2015: Little Gem Records

Independents Day has been supporting and promoting independent artists in Ireland, across various mediums, for a number of years. A big part of that has been with music, and aside from having a savage line up of bands to play at this years event (details to be launched soon), we will also be featuring some stalls of Independent record sellers and labels.

We are delighted that Little Gem Records will be joining us on the day. Little Gem are an independent record store and label dedicated to supporting and promoting independent Irish artists. Describing itself as selling "records, cassettes, CD's, tangible and intangible goods", they've just started a record label "devoted to helping great music find its audience through sharing, selling and promoting it", and importantly "paying the artists". 

I am really excited about what the future holds for Little Gem. A listen through the labels current output is very promising;

Switzerland are a veritable smorgasbord of the Irish independent scene, featuring members of Drunken Boat, Hello Moon, Land Lovers and Grand Pocket Orchestra. Sound-wise this tune wouldn't be out of place on any of the early Feelies albums, it's class!

GodHatesDisco are a completely different prospect, sounding like a clash between Krautrock and Japanese Noise Music, and producing a sound that's been missing on these shores for a while.

The diversity in these two tracks alone points to great things ahead for Little Gem. Check out their shop on 5 Cavendish Row, Dublin 1, and come along to Independents Day to see what other "Little Gem's" they have brought!

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