Sunday, March 15, 2015

Artist Spotlight 2015: Suzy City

Leigh Arthur is one very talented individual.  An animator, illustrator, musician, she seems to excel at all.

As Suzy City, Leigh produces DIY screen printed comics, zines, flipbooks, pin badges and t-shirts. I guess her most recognisable work is her classic charachter Suzy, who picks her nose, burns down  youth clubs and legs it from the cops. The Suzy t-shirts are deadly

Leigh's work has featured in publications like Rabble and One More Robot Magazine. She has also made video's for bands such as the #1's and September Girls. Her mini-comic Strongman Jones is one of my favourite zines. I don't know what it is about it, but I just love how happy Strongman Jones looks twisting his body inside out. It's amazing!

An active supporter and promoter of independent publishing, you will find Leigh at events like the Dublin Zine Fair and the Christmas market in Smithfield. She is one of the organisers of this years Independents Day, she even designed both posters for it. How incredible are these!! If the event is half as good as these posters it will be some day!

Leigh's also a member of the garage rock band 'Sissy', who released their debut ep last year. It's savage and they were named as one of 'The Thin Air's' 15 for ’15 (15 acts to look out for in 2015).

In summation, Leigh Arthur is a legend. You should buy all her stuff!!

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