Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Artist Spotlight 2015: Katie O'Neill

I first saw Katie O'Neill's work when she designed the poster for the Anarchist Book Fair in 2013. Sometimes I judge a book by its cover (and I'm a librarian, the shame!), or at least a gig by its poster, and I thought the poster she did for it was cool as fuck.

Over the past couple of years it turns out other things I thought were 'cool as fuck" were also drawn  by Katie. I've always thought the artwork for the band AlienShe was savage. Turns out it was done by Katie O'Neill. She is even in the band!! Go figure!
Katie is a master of many trades. She likes to draw, paint, write, curate, make music, photograph bands and put together zines. Her zine LOUDMOUTH sold out when it was released. Hopefully she brings more copies to Independents day as I really want to read it. She made the zine in collaboration with other feminists in an effort to bring more attention to sexism experienced in all facets of life. The zine mixes art and writing and focuses on the experiences of women in Dublin. That sounds like something we could all do with reading

She describes herself as "interested in themes of identity and space", whose work "conveys a sense of transition, outsiderness and feelings of alienation". I think this really comes across, check out her fly ring t-shirt if you don't believe me.

Can't wait to see Katie's stuff on March 22nd.
You can buy her stuff on esty here

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